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DHAKA Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh; it has attracted traveler from distant and closer throughout in all the ages. It has a history dating back to earliest time. But the correct date of its foundation is not known. However, according to recorded history it was founded in A. Dhaka as the capital of Bangladesh has grown into a busy city of about seven million citizens with an area of about sq. Having a happy amalgamation of old and new architectural trends, Dhaka has been developing fast as a modern city and is throbbing with activities in all spheres of life. It is the centre of industrial commercial, cultural, educational and political activities for Bangladesh. At Tongi, Tejgaon, Demra, Pagla, kanchpur, the industrial establishments turn – out daily necessities. Motijheel is the main commercial area of the city.

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Sunday, March 5, Traditional Foods and Life of Old Dhaka City The traditional foods of old Dhaka city are very famous for its biryani, kabab, local foods, where species are widely accepted and their famous Dhakaiya lifestyle. There are some special food items which are comparatively very cheap from modern restaurant foods. The classical food restaurants of Puran Dhaka providing Bengali and Mughal dishes. If you really care about traditional desserts, then Old Dhaka is for you!

There are so many well-known restaurants for all ages and class in the old part of Dhaka. If you plan to travel Bangladesh , you must visit old Dhaka city.

Things to Do in Dhaka City, Bangladesh: See TripAdvisor’s 5, reviews & photos of Dhaka City attractions.

Dhaka is known the world over as the city of mosques and muslin. It has attracted travellers from far and nears through ages. It has history dating back to earliest time. But the exact date of its foundation is not known. However, according to recorded history it was founded in A. Dhaka as the capital of Bangladesh has grown into a busy city of about eight million people with an area of about sq.

Having a happy blending of old and new architectural trends, Dhaka has been developing fast as a modern city and is throbbing with activities in all spheres of life. It is the center of industrial, commercial, cultural, educational and political activities for Bangladesh. Motijheel is the main commercial area of the city.

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Bangladesh is a developing county. But Bangladesh has her own beauty. Today I am going to share with you about some interesting places of Bangladesh.

Dhaka (or Dacca) is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. It is the cultural and economic hub of the country. Having a colossal historical background, the old part of the city, known as Old Dhaka or Old Town, is home to a broad range of architectural heritage starting from the vestiges of the Mughal Empire to the British Colonial buildings.

The city is known to be a colorful, congested and thriving metropolis with a population of 18 million. Considering the staggering population of the city and population density, the city is regarded as a frenetic place. The rivers and streets are colorfully filled with chaos. Visiting Dhaka can be overwhelming especially for first time visitors but it is also an exciting place to be. Dhaka is a city experiencing fast development and it is the Bangladesh centre for industrial, cultural, commercial, political and educational activities.

The main commercial district of Dhaka is Motijheel and Sadarghat is the main waterfront in Dhaka which appears crowded with ferries, paddle steamers, yachts, floating dhabas and fishing boats that show Dhaka as a place of bustling activity. The city has a tropical weather with the summer season being very humid and hot especially between the months of April and September. Winter season is cooler and drier between October and March. If you are a visitor from the colder countries, it would be a good idea that you check in to the during winters season with low humidity and temperature abut 20C.

Dhaka is also home to some key buildings like Ahsan Manzil and the pink stonework makes the building an attractive site here. Recent renovations have seen the building being turned to a local museum where historical collections are nicely displayed with the building being accompanied with beautiful garden. The president of Bangladesh officially resides in Dhaka with his grand palace, Banga Bhaban being visible from outside. Other touristic buildings in the city which are worthy a visit include Lalbagh fort, Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban and Curzon Hall.

Dhaka city is also a home to various monuments like the memorial park in commemoration of the liberation wars martyrs where hanging of civil compatriots were publicly hang.

Top Things to Do in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

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CNN Bangladeshi troops rescued at least 13 hostages and shot dead six gunmen Saturday, ending an overnight siege at a cafe in Dhaka, officials said. Mujibur Rahman, who was overseeing the troops in the rescue effort at Holey Artisan Bakery, which was raided by gunmen Friday night. Its unclear how many people the gunmen seized in the cafe at a diplomatic zone, but Rahman said 14 hostages were rescued. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina provided a different number.

Read More She said one of the terrorists was captured alive. Before the siege ended, witness Fayad Munaim said he heard heavy gunfire after hours of quiet in the area. The shots lasted about 10 minutes then stopped, he said. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terror attack, according to its media branch, Amaq. Hostage situation in Dhaka Photos: Hostage situation in Dhaka Bangladesh security personnel patrol the streets of Dhaka on Saturday, July 2, after gunmen seized a bakery in the capital overnight, killing 20 hostages and two officers, according to the military.

Hide Caption 1 of 13 Photos: Hostage situation in Dhaka The military says the attackers used guns, explosive devices and “a lot of sharp domestic weapons.

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Background[ edit ] In the government of Bangladesh, headed by the secularist Awami League , established a war crimes tribunal to investigate war crimes perpetrated during Bangladesh’s bloody War of Independence from Pakistan. In February Abdul Quader Molla , a leader of the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami party a small Islamist party within the opposition coalition , was sentenced to life imprisonment by the tribunal. The sentence was condemned by Bangladesh’s secularist bloggers and writers, who helped organize the Shahbag protests in response, calling for the death penalty for Molla.

The protestors quickly expanded their demands to include outlawing the Jamaat-e-Islami party itself for its role in the war. Islamist leaders denounced the war crimes tribunal as political and called for an end to the prosecution of Jamaat-e-Islami leaders; [5] they demanded instead the death penalty for secularist bloggers, denouncing them as “atheists” and accusing them of blasphemy.

Reporters Without Borders noted that in a group calling itself “Defenders of Islam” published a “hit list” of 84 Bangladeshis, mostly secularists, of whom nine have already reportedly been killed and others attacked.

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Century-old mango tree in Gopalganj attracts visitors The extraordinary tree can be found after walking metres on a road towards East from Hironokandi bus stand on Dhaka-Khulna highway, following the direction of a signboard While the people of Hironokandi village in Kashiani upazila of Gopalganj proudly call it their heritage, even the elderly villagers cannot say much about the mango tree, except that their fathers and grandfathers had seen it in a similar condition.

The extraordinary tree can be found after walking metres on a road towards East from Hironokandi bus stand on Dhaka-Khulna highway, following the direction of a signboard. Although it is locally called a century-old mango tree, several villagers think the tree could be even older, about years old. Its nine large branches touch the earth like that of a banyan tree around its trunk.

Sometimes people come here for picnic. On special occasions like Pohela Baishakh and Eid, thousands of people gather to see this mango tree. Housewife Zarina Begum said she has seen the mango tree in the same condition since she came to Hironokandi 52 years ago. He had planted this tree so that the farmers from nearby lands could come and take rest under the shade of the tree. I am really happy to see it.

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Dhaka is the largest city and most densely populated in Bangladesh. Sk Hasan Ali/Shutterstock Living in an overcrowded city is a very different experience than simply visiting one.

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Select Page Dhaka City Tour In Dhaka City Tour you will find highly populated capital city of Bangladesh with perpetual motions, colorful roads with rickshaws, street food and overcrowded public transportation. However, you will find the city is continuing its historical background along with modern lifestyle. Whether you are a foodie, life explorer, adventurer or history lover you will find something you are looking for during this journey!

We set out at about 8: We will pass National Museum on the path and we can point it out for you. Before lunch we will Lalbug Fort, the only symbolic structure of Mugals and one of the most popular tourist spot inside Dhaka.

Dhaka City. The former steel city has just been voted the best place to live in the U. Sign up to tell us what you like, and never miss a beat on finding the best places for you.

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It is the only swamp forest located in Bangladesh and one of the few freshwater swamp forest in the world. The forest is naturally conserved under the Department of Forestry, Govt. The evergreen forest [19] is situated by the river Goain and linked with the channel Chengir Khal. The forest is submerged under 20—30 feet water in the rainy season. For the rest of the year, the water level is about 10 feet deep. Dhaka formerly “Dacca” Bengali:

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Tourist attractions of the capital Dhaka In Bangladesh: The most visiting places in Dhaka city: Dhaka is the biggest and the capital city of Bangladesh. At more than , people per square mile, or 45, per square kilometer. Most of the people are Muslim; there are also Hindu, Christian and few Buddhist. People here are very friendly though they are poor. The best ten places to visit in Dhaka. Short description about each destination. State owned more than 1, years old Hindu temple build by Ballalasena.

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