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What is the manufacture date of a beretta 12 gauge silver lark shot gun serial number ? Beretta firearms produced in Italy carry a proof mark for the year of production. The chart below is used to identify the year by this mark. For recent pistols this mark is usually located on the frame near the trigger guard, for older pistols, the mark is on the slide or on the frame behind the gri…p area. Shotguns have this mark stamped on the barrel near the chamber. You may need to remove the barrel to read the mark.. On some older firearms, produced between to , the actual date was stamped instead of a code mark.

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The bottom of the left barrel in front of the chamber is marked “CAM. The bottom of the rib behind the forend lug is marked “G4”. The inside of the forend iron is marked with the serial number. The right water table lug is marked with three Italian proofs, crown over “PB” and “12”, the left lug is marked with the serial number and “P. The bottom of the receiver is marked “P.

Behind the trigger guard is marked “GR-4”.

If he expects that /4″ gun to work with target loads and it doesn’t, the word gets around. The fix was simple enough (drill the ports out a bit), but most people just sold the .

If there is such a thing as an all-round shotgun, the Beretta qualifies. The last of the series autoloaders to have wide distribution, the follow-up is almost never heard of. The ‘s release coincided with the series, and few if any made it to the United States. The tested example is a three-inch chambered 26 inch Mobil-choked model, the Beretta date code AS indicating it was manufactured in , proofed with an The gun weighs 7.

Despite its more traditional gas action with no secondary gas bleed, this had no trouble cycling 1 oz. The has a magazine cut-off, integral with the forearm as opposed to earlier models that had a lever on the right side of the receiver making for a cleaner appearance in this treatment.


Comments I like Beretta semi-automatics. Once again, all objectivity thrown to the wind! The was superseded by the excellent , then came the and now we have the series guns which are rather different, not least because they have a rotating bolt head taken from the Xtrema Magnum model.

Beretta reduces recoil with an aluminum alloy receiver and, of course, the Kick-Off system located in the buttstock. “The Kick-Off is the only reduction system in the world that uses hydraulic dampeners, very similar to those used in automobile suspensions,” said a Beretta spokesperson.

Reply As a gun owner, it is important to be responsible and safe in the storage, transportation, and use of your firearms. There are many variables that affect the safety needs of gun owners such as lifestyle, environment, legal requirements, financial limitations and personal preference. These provides an overview of ways to safely store and handle your firearms, and can help you determine the best products to suit your needs as a safe and responsible gun owner.

Some things to consider when prioritizing your needs: Never point your gun at anything you do not intend to shoot. This is particularly important when loading or unloading a firearm. Unload your gun as soon as you have finished. A loaded gun has no place in or near a car, truck or building. Unload your gun immediately when you have finished shooting, well before you bring it into a car, camp or home.

Be sure that your bullet will not injure anyone or anything beyond your target.

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The Hump is Back. You may notice a family resemblance, but lets get one thing straight, this ain’t your Grandpa’s Auto In fact, the iconic humpback-shaped receiver is the only thing this new Browning autoloader shares with its legendary namesake. The all new Browning A5 is built to be the most reliable, fastest cycling, best performing and softest shooting recoil-operated yes, recoil-operated autoloader on the planet.

Browning is so confident in the A5, they are standing behind it with a , round or five year guarantee that the shotgun will work, come hell or high water. Standing firmly behind this claim is the ultra-reliable, honed to perfection Kinematic Drive system.

Beretta is a historic gunmaking dynasty with origins that go back centuries. To the clay shooters, however, the company’s over-and-under shotguns are of the greatest interest as they continue to figure in their sport at every level of competition – and their constant development is a fascinating story.

European shotguns are designed to be held under the target. This makes shooting and hitting much easier than obscuring the target with an American flat-ribbed shotgun, which sometimes happens in a hurried shot and results in nothing more than poking a hole in the sky. How would you like a semi-auto shotgun that shoots any type of ga shell — one that can fire four shots in less than one second? The A Xtreme Unico does this and much more.

Add its superior resistance to salt spray, flawless fit and finish and the best materials in the world—and see why this shotgun is the definitive choice for the serious waterfowl hunter. The A action is truly revolutionary in the history of the semi-automatic shotgun. It is low-profile and light weight while being super-durable , giving you superior natural pointability. It has built-in rails, so that you can even equip it with the optics of your choice for turkey season.

Laboratory tests have shown two distinct peaks in recoil. The explosion of the ammunition is the first; the impact of the bolt against the receiver is the second. Kick-Off 3 is a third hydraulic damper that cushions this stress on the mechanical components and further reduces recoil. Also, the A Xtreme Unico is designed to recoil parallel to the cheek mount, which also reduces felt kick while giving you faster follow-up shots. Beretta makes the best barrels in the world.

Deep hole drilling, cold-hammer forging and vacuum distension create the very best ballistic performance available.

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If the original purchaser registers their firearm with Beretta, they automatically receive an additional two years of warranty coverage for a total of three years. Sako and Tikka rifles carry a Two-Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser for defects in materials or workmanship. Beretta’s warranty information is listed below.

The BERETTA XTREMA2 Disassembly and Assembly Xtrema2DandA TS-2 Revision 0 Date Released by: RGB Date Check To Make Sure Gun Is Unloaded Step 1:Before performing any work on your Xtrema 2, always check Beretta Shotgun Multi-Tool. 2. Once nut is removed continue the remaining.

Posted on March 19, by bcbuck Dear Technoid, Can you give me some information on the differences between these two shotguns? They ran this basic design from about first importation into the US to , later in Europe. Each iteration of that gun design used increasingly simplified parts. A quick comparison of the machined magazine tube of the AL-1 and the simple extruded one on the is a case in point. Still, they all used the same basic gas port and piston design. This was typical of gas gun design at the time.

The Remington s worked this way too. It literally took Beretta 20 years to do something about this and in the mean time, Beretta gas guns got a horrible reputation of not working.

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Becky Leavitt Fabbrica D’Armi Pietro Beretta SpA has been making state-of-the-art firearms since , making it the oldest still-operating gun manufacturer in the world. Today, the company is best known for its Model 92 full-size combat pistol, which is carried by U. But for a very long time in the American market Beretta was known for its pocket pistols.

And the company has not forgotten its roots.

Aug 10,  · Price Check: Beretta Model Shotgun Your input is appreciated regarding a fair purchase price for the following: Beretta Model , synthetic stock, set up for sporting clays (ribbed barrel, beretta chokes). Join Date Location Fort Worth, Texas (Where men are men, and a lot of women are too!).

I didn’t know a whole lot about the series at the time, and I assumed it was one of the newer Tomcat models. After getting it home and getting it cleaned up, I realized that it was a lot older than I originally thought it was. I’ve done some research and as far as I can tell, based on the proof mark, it was manufactured in somewhere in Italy. However, I’ve read that Beretta changed the design slightly in to include an external safety; this gun has no safety.

Anyway, I took it out and ran box of shells through it and at first the slide was quite sticky and didn’t want to return fully after being fired even after being thoroughly cleaned and oiled. However, toward the end of the third clip it finally loosened up and is working like a champ now. There’s very little info on the net about these particular guns, so my biggest question is what’s the easiest way to find out how old the gun truly is? The owner’s manual is in poorly translated english, so it doesn’t offer much along the lines of proper cleaning and oiling.

Are there any special procedures for cleaning and oiling guns as old as this one has turned out to be? And finally, since the gun is going to see occasional use, is there anything in particular that I should look out for when using an older gun?

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Originally Posted by M Matt, I have no bad sentiment against Berettas, as I own several of their shotguns and older pistols. I like the old single stack Brigadeer, but do not like the feel of the 92’s and 96’s. To me their grips feel like I’m trying to control a 2X4. I know that some of their original issue 92’s had frame cracking problems, but that is supposed to have been corrected, I know I haven’t heard of any cracking in a long time. My personnal preference is for steel framed firearms, even tho they weigh a few ounces more, I feel more comfortable with them.

Once again, Beretta did not assign a model number to this gun. It is simply a Silver Hawk Featherweight, manufactured in the is the serial number. Partial numbers are put on certain parts of the gun, that is why the is under the beavertail.

The M9 22 is available with 10 and 15 round magazines, removable sights, and interchangeable grip panels which fit the Beretta M9. These failures included both military and civilian Beretta models with very high round counts, and after investigation they were deemed the result of ammunition supplied by the U. Army which exceeded the recommended pressures specified by NATO but nonetheless provoked a modification in the M9 design to prevent slide failure from causing injuries to the user.

The CNA conducted surveys on 2, troops returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 12 months. Only troops who fired their weapons at enemy targets were allowed to participate. M9 users had the lowest levels of satisfaction with weapon performance, including 76 percent troops with accuracy, 66 percent troops with range, and 88 percent troops with rate of fire.

Only 45 percent of M9 users 72 troops reported their weapon’s magazine did not fail to feed completely.

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Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window The Beretta 92 series is an undeniable classic, and its intriguing story goes back much further than simply its adoption by the U. While Beretta had an extensive line of popular and effective small-caliber pistols, there was nothing in its line that would fit the role of a large, duty-style combat pistol.

The was developed as an answer to this situation and was chambered for the 9x19mm 9mm cartridge. To address the more powerful 9mm chambering, the production model of the featured a modified Walther P.

Oct 07,  · Difference in USA Beretta and Italian made. I was just looking at my 92/96 & Px4 collection and I noticed that the guns made in Italy. Its the jagged edge at the end of the slide on the USA made Berettas. The Italian made guns this area is rounded and doesn’t feel like it will cut you. The Stoeger from Turkey has the same jagged edge where as the PX4 45 acp does not.

Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Beretta is the oldest active armsmaker in the world, established nearly half a millennium ago in , but when it comes to semi-automatic pistols, the historic Italian gunmaker waited until the early 20th century before building its first self-loading model in In , Beretta developed the Model , followed by the vaunted Model a year later, a pistol, which was to become one of the most popular small-caliber semi-automatics of the World War II era.

In the post-war era, Beretta continued to develop new pocket model semi-automaticss in. The Bobcat is chambered in. All three are still produced by Beretta and remain among the most popular small-caliber pocket carry pistols on the market. Available today in standard, compact and subcompact variations, the Px4 Storm SubCompact has become one of the most acknowledged of all current Beretta carry models in both 9mm and.

Styling is a hallmark of Beretta which favors distinctive lines, slide contours and grip profiles, and like all Beretta pistols the Storm is unmistakable for any other. By using a polymer frame, the Px4 becomes one of the most manageable subcompact 9mm and.

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November 21, Location: Took it to the range to try out today and had some issues. This happened several times in a row, the brass ejected ok but the slide was closed. I also had 2 instances when the last round in the mag did not chamber fully and jammed the slide. Since I’ve never had any issues with this gun before I assume the weight of the Fast Fire on the slide is causing the problem.

I just received my and I immediately loved this gun out of the box. Fortunately, I was at my local range and did not have long to test this marvel out. I shot 50 rounds of federal le 00 buck rounds through with zero malfunctions.

For many years, I’ve had a bit of a love affair platonic with Beretta gas-operated semi-autos. They don’t break, they don’t jam with a bare minimum of reasonable maintenance, and they are soft-shooters to boot. This includes Browning B models, A ‘s, and Beretta A ‘s which still see regular, enthusiastic use. I’ve resisted the urge to go the and Urika route, primarily because there is nothing lacking in the six Beretta gas guns I still use regularly.

In addition to that, my cache of extra barrels and choke tubes are not easily replaced. It felt perfectly balanced, smooth, a bit livelier than my ‘s, and it was nearly impossible with which to miss. That remains to be seen. Long ago, I intentionally fed one of my A Gold Mallards over four cases of reasonably dirty reloads with no cleaning, hoping for some jamming on the skeet field. I never could get that to jam, and finally just gave up the effort in delighted disgust. Certainly, the gun was filthy after that rounds of shooting, but I didn’t have one single failure to eject or failure to feed.

If Beretta has really improved on that performance they really have done something. As I understand it, the motivation for the series in the first place was primarily to slim up the fore end. That it did, the value of which is subjective, and it was accomplished at the expense of an over-engineered fore end nut with more pieces than seems reasonable. In any case, the has been a huge hit for Beretta, already selling over 1.

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