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Bureau of Meteorology — averages; [37] extremes —present [38] Source 2: Bureau of Meteorology, Launceston Airport — sunshine hours [39] Albert Hall, Launceston Many of the buildings in the City’s central business district CBD were constructed in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and Launceston is a major location of Federation style housing. This is at least in part a matter of deliberate policy — concerns that high rise development might compromise the essential character of the city centre have led to strictly enforced building regulations that restrict the height of new structures in the city, so that most buildings in the CBD have fewer than five storeys [43]. Governance[ edit ] Launceston Town Hall A large portion of Launceston is contained within the City of Launceston local government area , although some outer suburbs are part of adjacent council districts: In , Janie Dickenson became the youngest female elected mayor in Australia. For federal elections, Launceston falls within the Division of Bass , with the sitting member being Ross Hart for the Australian Labor Party who won the seat in the election. The state Lower House seat is also called the Division of Bass , and is one of the five electorates in the Tasmanian House of Assembly. Both federal and state seats share common boundaries.

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Flag of Latvia The national flag of Latvia was used by independent Latvia from until the country was occupied by the Soviet Union in Its use was suppressed during Soviet rule. After regaining its independence, Latvia re-adopted on 27 February the same red-white-red flag. Flag of Lebanon The flag of Lebanon Arabic: The white stripe is to be two times a red one ratio 1: The green cedar in the middle touches each of the red stripes and its width is one third of the width of the flag.

Flag of Lesotho The current national flag of Lesotho, adopted on October 4, , features a horizontal blue, white, and green tricolor with a black mokorotlo a Basotho hat in the center. The design, introduced to honor the 40th anniversary of independence, is reportedly intended to reflect a peaceful orientation for the country. Flag of Liberia The Liberian flag bears close resemblance to the flag of the United States, showing the ex-American slave origins of the country.

The Liberian flag has similar red and white stripes, as well as a blue square with a white star in the canton. It fell out of use in , but was subsequently adopted by the National Transitional Council and anti-Gaddafi forces and formally reclaimed as the country’s national flag in the Libyan interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August , as a result of the Fall of Tripoli from the Gaddafi government in the Libyan civil war in August Flag of Liechtenstein The flag of Liechtenstein German: Flagge Liechtensteins consists of two equal horizontal bands of blue top and red with a gold ducal crown on the hoist side of the blue band.

The colors are likely to have been derived from the livery colors of the Principality’s royal household in the eighteenth century.

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History Before European settlement The Shoreline of Tasmania and Victoria about 14, years ago as sea levels were rising showing some of the human archaeological sites — see Prehistory of Australia People crossed into Tasmania approximately 40, years, ago via a land bridge between the island and the rest of mainland Australia, during the last glacial period. According to genetic studies, once the sea level rose, flooding the Bassian Plain , the people were left isolated for approximately 8, years, until the time of European exploration, during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Modern digs in southwest and central Tasmania turned up very abundant finds, affording “the richest archaeological evidence from Pleistocene Greater Australia” covering the period from 35, to 11, BP. The archeological and geographic record suggests a period of drying, with the colder glacial period, with a desert extending from southern Australia into the midlands of Tasmania – with intermittent periods of wetter, warmer weather. People migrating from southern Australia into peninsular Tasmania would have crossed stretches of seawater and desert, and finally found oases in the King highlands now King Island.

The archeological, geographic and linguistic record suggests a pattern of successive occupation of Tasmania, and coalescence of three ethnic or language groups into one broad group. Evidence for contest over territory is reflected by the presence of Nara the broad western Tasmania language group toponymy in Mara the broad eastern language group territory; for example – suggesting a pattern of occupation and hostile takeover that mirrors traditional hostilities during colonial times.

Colonial settlers found two main language groups in Tasmania upon their arrival, which correlates with the broader nation or clan divisions. Pleistocene Palawa language group – first ethnic and language group in Tasmania – absorbed or displaced by successive invasions except for remnant group on Tasman peninsula.

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Rylander describes a burglar who started punding, and could not stop, even though he was suffering from an increasing apprehension of being caught. Surprisingly, Tibetan monks are more afraid of death than any other group studied. Trump places tariffs on solar panels and washing machines in a move some people warn could set back renewable energy and laundry, I guess. New Zealand startup Rocket Lab reaches orbit with a low-cost rocket using an electric-pump driven engine and 3D-printed parts.

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Australian Army Records Australia has been fighting in wars for most of its history, and unfortunately many Australian soldiers have given their lives in the protection of their homeland. Military Records The military records which are available in our online database refer to almost all people served in the Australian defense force during the years, thee files can contain one or more of the following details: Soldier’s first, middle and last name Service Number Date of birth, born city Rank War participation including SID and years These records can also contain historical information about a specific soldier, his background information, the soldier’s service and pension records if these are available and might even include prisoner rolls.

The Australian military records can be used to find out information about almost any Australian soldier , information about battles dates and outcomes, and can even help, in some cases, to locate the gravesites of your loved ones that were lost in combat, and their enlistment dates. Not many people know this fact, but sometimes people succeed to find out valuable information about their family members through military records or even in online public records. These files contain valuable information, which would probably have never been found otherwise.

The Aboriginal Tasmanians (Tasmanian: Palawa) are the indigenous people of the Australian state of Tasmania, located south of the much of the 20th century, the Tasmanian Aboriginal people were widely, and erroneously, thought of as being an extinct cultural and ethnic group. Contemporary figures () for the number of people of Tasmanian Aboriginal descent vary according to the.

Recent comments on this story 26 Posted by bison on 1 January, , The Pentagon allowed Mr. Try and get a straight, 1st hand answer from the organisation itself. Elizondo share a bit of it with the public. I do not think that the two videos agree with the statements in the articles. There are statements made in the media accounts that are not seen in the videos.

The videos may not be from the event discussed. It is more reasonable to believe that the videos were no longer FOUO, and no longer classified. Let’s take that to be correct and not backtracking as a UFO person suggested. That is possible if the videos are not the event referred to b It had already eluded Commander Fravor’s mission, using extreme speed, then appeared again, miles away.

I think that DeLonge et al benefit from this confusion since it draws attention away from the lack of connection between the text and videos.

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The catchment lies on the eastern side of the Blackall Ranges and is bounded in the south by the Buderim Mountain divide between the Maroochy and Mooloolah Rivers, and in the north by a lowland divide between the Maroochy and Noosa River flood plains. The Mooloolah River system drains a relatively small catchment with an area of square kilometres that extends 25 kilometres inland from the coast. It flows east-northeast from the Blackall Range, discharging to the sea between Mooloolaba and Point Cartwright.

The Maroochy and Mooloolah River systems are susceptible to episodes of rapid flooding which can cause considerable damage to public and private property throughout the catchment. Continuing increases in population have accentuated the potential flood risk to life and property, and this trend is unlikely to abate given the current growth in the area. Previous Flooding Records dating back to indicate that major flooding has occurred fairly often in the Maroochy River.

The millionaire paying Barnaby Joyce’s rent runs a business that is benefiting financially from one of the Deputy Prime Minister’s most contentious projects, the relocation of the Australian Pests.

On Tuesday, tourists and visitors watched as contractors used a large crane to install 2. Veteran press gallery journalist Michelle Grattan led criticism of construction, describing the fence as “appalling” on social media. Advertisement Greens senator Lee Rhiannon has criticised the security fortifications, while Victorian independent Derryn Hinch raised removal of the mature trees in the Senate. A spokeswoman for the Department of Parliamentary Services said trees were being removed from the landscape on the eastern and western sides of Parliament House.

You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Preparatory works for the project began in May. Speaker Tony Smith and Senate President Stephen Parry have kept secret the total cost and designs of the work since security agencies and politicians agreed on the plans in Approval was rushed through Parliament as MPs prepared to leave Canberra for the Christmas break last year.

Workers installed the first section of the fence in August, revealing the height and scale for the first time. The first panel was part of site preparation works and was quickly removed. The fence was designed to match existing metal work around the Parliament House precinct and includes limited horizontal elements to stop intruders being able to scale the security barriers. First the trees were cut down, now the iconic lawns are being ripped up for the Parliament House fence auspol pic.

MPs received confidential briefings about the security upgrades but no significant information was released to the public, with Senator Parry citing concern about aiding potential attackers.

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