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One of the problems was that traditional dating typically took place during evenings when many professionals were still hard at work. In response, Violet co-founded Lunch Actually , a matchmaking service that unites daters over their lunch breaks. Violet also noticed that her swamped co-workers never cut corners on one aspect of their lives: Even if they had to work late into the evening — too late for a traditional dinner date — these busy professionals would still make time for lunch. Violet Lim co-founded Lunch Actually to help single professionals go on low-pressure dates. Violet later heard about the concept of lunch dating while she was traveling outside her home country.

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Beliau melihat ia sebagai satu peluang perniagaan dalam dunia yang kompetitif di mana kehidupan profesional yang sibuk dengan kerja dan kurang masa untuk bersosial. Melalui penilaian yang dibuat pada keluarganya, teman dan rakan- sekerja yang mengadu tidak punyai masa untuk bercinta kerana jadual yang terlalu sibuk, memberi lebih kenyakinan kepada Violet. Oleh itu, beliau mula menubuhkan sebuah syarikat mencari jodoh sendiri dipanggil Lunch Actually pada tahun bersama tunangnya, yang kini merupakan suaminya, Mr Jamie Lee.

Ia telah menjadi peneraju syarikat temujanji terbesar di Asia dan mempunyai pejabat di Singapura, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Pinang, Jakarta dan Bangkok Ketika ramai masih mengharapkan temujanji atas talian online dating bagi membantu seseorang meluaskan lingkaran sosial mereka dengan lebih mudah.

RPWL biography Founded in Freising, Germany in RPWL (Risettion-Postl-Wallner-Lung – the band members) is a German progressive rock band. The band was formed in as a Pink Floyd cover band.

Violet is also the author of sought-after dating book – “Lessons From 15, First Dates”. Violet is happily married to her university sweetheart Jamie, and they have two children. Learn more about Violet at her award-winning blog: With a proven track record in offline matchmaking and being pioneers of the dating industry in Asia, the founders of eSynchrony were confident of their ability to find great matches for singles.

They developed the eSynchrony matching algorithm which combines years experience in matchmaking combined with the latest technology of intelligent profiling. Challenges of traditional online dating versus eSynchrony The old traditional way of online dating can be tough for singles who are busy and do not have the time to send countless of messages to each other. There are also problems of misleading photos and falsification of information combined with a long drawn out communication process even before a face to face date occurs.

Singles have no idea as well to how compatible are other singles in the database to them which makes their choices based on superficial judgements.


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Their 3rd studio album, Stock was released in It was formed of the tracks that didn’t make it onto the first 2 albums, plus a cover of Syd Barrett’s “Opel”, which the band used at shows as a soundcheck.

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Held at Marina Mandarin Hotel, the Convention featured powerful presenters and passionate speeches. They are fabulous entertainers too! We were serenaded at this event by the lovely Jana Stanfield who also shared about the importance of giving back to society a portion of what you earn. The MC, Scott Friedman , kept the laughs coming throughout the day. She shared that we have to remind ourselves about the reason s we got into this business in the first place, so as to keep the Passion alive.

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The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only. It is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by The Fair Credit Reporting Act and should not be used to determine an individual’s eligibility for personal credit or employment, or to assess risk associated with any business transactions such as tenant screening. How to Make Use of Court Records Not many in the US are aware of the fact that all court proceedings are recorded and maintained as a huge database for the sake of posterity and that they have been made public as part of the right to information.

These court records can be easily accessed, and you can sieve any information, about any case or any person if you so desire. These records are useful in a big way, and you can make use of them in many situations in your life. It may be surprising to you, but yes, you can even conduct a search of the person with whom you are dating to see if he or she is totally clean or not.

LUNCH ACTUALLY, Asia’s premier lunch dating company offers you the chance to get acquainted over lunch, coffee or even after work drinks! We do the pre-screening, we

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First, we invite every potential client to our office to have a chat with our dating consultant. During this chat, we find out more about their profile and preferences. We also carry out ID and background checks. After that, should we have suitable candidates for them, we offer them a membership package. An elevator convo with Violet ://

She is responsible for the marketing and publicity, and is also the spokesperson for the company. Within 12 months after Lunch Actually was set up in Kuala Lumpur, Violet appeared in numerous write-ups in major newspapers English, Chinese and Malay and in over 12 magazines e. Newman, Female and Harpers Bazaar. Besides Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Violet has also appeared in many publications in other countries e. United States, Japan and Australia. At the worldwide Matchmakers conference held in New York by the Matchmaking Institute in , Violet was a panelist where she shared with 80 fellow matchmakers around the world about Business Models and Expansion Strategies and Matchmaking in Foreign Markets.

Violet maintains a personal dating blog www. Violet possesses a Degree in Law from the University of Manchester and a Masters in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the London School of Economics, but decided to venture into the matchmaking industry upon observing her friends and colleagues having little time for love due to their busy work schedules.

Her ALL: Violet Lim (CEO, Lunch Actually)