Scenic Day Trip from Sydney to Kiama

The cafe, though not affiliated with the hotel, was excellent! A great bonus to our stay. Marie, France The property was spotless and in a perfect location. Danni at the front desk was awesome. She was kind, helpful and gave amazing recommendations. The Petrel Kitchen restaurant first floor same building was amazing! There was a wonderful neighborhood market right out the front door and across the street.

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NightRide To provide a passenger service between midnight and NightRide services operated typically at hourly intervals some routes depart more frequently on weekends. NightRide services were run by private bus operators, and identified by route numbers beginning with “N”. All valid CityRail tickets for a destination apart from single tickets were accepted on NightRide services.

CityRail also operated several Intercity services that terminate at Central station though some services operated in the metro-style portions of the system in the peak hours. These lines stretched over kilometres from Sydney, as far north as Newcastle , as far west as Bathurst , as far south-west as Goulburn and as far south as Kiama and Port Kembla.

Southern Highlands trains required a connection at Campbelltown as they ran into the city during peak hours only. Regional services operated from the terminus station at Newcastle , with local electric services to the Central Coast and diesel services to Telarah with some extending to Dungog and Scone. Diesel services also operated on the Illawarra line between Kiama and Bomaderry. The hub of the CityRail system was Central station , where most lines started and ended.

However, most trains continued on and become respective outward bound Inner West trains and South Line trains. In the same manner, all trains from the Western Line or Northern line became North Shore line trains once they reach Central.

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Persistent URL for this entry http: In the Sydney region, there were two main ways of disposing of the dead: Observations by David Collins suggest that the method of disposal was indicative of the deceased’s age or status, with cremation being accorded to people beyond middle age.

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7 Days in Sydney Itinerary- for Those Who Want a Bit of Everything!

Rated out of 5 Read Reviews Experience spectacular coastal scenery as you travel south along the Australian Coast to the beautiful town of Kiama The historic Kiama Lighthouse cc licensed photo by Dushan and Miae A trip along the coast to Kiama is a great way to spend a day during your Sydney vacation. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and visit this picturesque ocean-side town with its famous blowhole, spectacular coastal walkway, heritage sites, parks, beautiful beaches and more.

Best of all there are no crowds here! You begin with a spectacular train ride from Sydney that takes you south through Royal National Park and along the beautiful rollling hills of the eastern coast of Australia passing through many small coastal towns along the way. You will also see many beautiful photos of the Kiama area which will make you want to go there all the more.

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Persistent URL for this entry http: The clan that occupied the area was known as the Burramattagal. The Bidjigal occupied the areas to the north and west. The Burramattagal relied on the mixed food sources available from the river and the surrounding woods. After the [media] penal colony was founded at Sydney Cove in January , Governor Arthur Phillip organised exploring expeditions up the Parramatta River.

When more fertile land near the head of the river was found, he decided to set up a second settlement. On 2 November , a site was selected for a redoubt at the Crescent, in what is now Parramatta Park, and on 4 November , convicts were sent to the site. Land was cleared and planted with crops. Apart from government agriculture, private farming also began. Later, it was granted to him. From Rose Hill to Parramatta The settlement was originally known as Rose Hill in honour of George Rose, Secretary to the British Treasury, who was reputed to have helped Phillip secure appointment as governor of the penal colony.

On 2 June , Phillip renamed it Parramatta, using the locality name used by the Burramattagal. Various meanings have been ascribed to the name Parramatta, but Elizabeth Macarthur wrote at the time that it meant ‘head of the river’. It was the first place to be given a name by Europeans that was based on an Aboriginal name.


After checking in to the hotel on we did a little grocery shopping for snacks etc. The store we expected to use was closed on Saturday but we had no difficulty finding one that was open. The bus toured the town, the nearby town of Leura and the rim of the Blue Mountain canyon. We left the bus to walk a portion of the canyon rim then returned to the bus. Looking into the distance across the canyon there is an ever thickening blue haze resulting from the eucalyptus trees.

Little is known about the burials during the first five years of the colony. What we do know is due to the extensive research undertaken by Keith Johnson. From early correspondence and diary entries it seems the first informal burial grounds were located close to the infant township.

The first people to inhabit the area now known as Sydney were indigenous Australians having migrated from northern Australia and before that from southeast Asia. Radiocarbon dating suggests human activity first started to occur in the Sydney area from around 30, years ago. He spent a short time collecting food and conducting scientific observations before continuing further north along the east coast of Australia and claiming the new land he had discovered for Britain.

Prior to the arrival of the British there were 4, to 8, native people in Sydney from as many as 29 different clans. Its literal meaning is “from this place”. The earliest Europeans to visit the area noted that the indigenous people were conducting activities such as camping and fishing, using trees for bark and food, collecting shells, and cooking fish. Britain —before that, England —and Ireland had for a long time been sending their convicts across the Atlantic to the American colonies.

That trade was ended with the Declaration of Independence by the United States in Britain decided in to found a new penal outpost in the territory discovered by Cook some 16 years earlier. He travelled a short way further north and arrived at Port Jackson on 26 January Phillip described Sydney Cove as being “without exception the finest harbour in the world”. Lieutenant William Dawes produced a town plan in but it was ignored by the colony’s leaders.

Sydney’s layout today reflects this lack of planning.

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Share A flight from Melbourne to Sydney usually takes an hour and a half. Though the concept is still in the development stage, Dr James said Hyperloop One is aiming to test out a prototype in their Nevada base as soon as six months from now. Earlier this year, a group of Bachelor of Engineering students from Melbourne’s RMIT University presented their take on the concept to an international Hyperloop design competition in Texas. Their high-speed pod could also see a journey from Brisbane to the Gold Coast reduced to just nine minutes, according to 7News.

In May , a Governor’s Proclamation permitted those who held land in towns, including Parramatta, to obtain a lease for 21 years. Those who were willing to pay 21 years ‘quit rent’ or had spent over £1, on building were entitled to a grant.

Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of Australia is km 68 miles and a few hours by road or rail west of Sydney. I took the train from Central Station Sydney to Katoomba. It was fast, easy and cheap. Especially on New Year’s long weekend: Good for me, but also good for the hundreds traveling with me who loved a bargain. Pack drinks, snacks for the trip. Katoomba station has a lift elevator if you cannot manage ramps and stairs. Leura station has no lift, so take this into account if you are not sure which station to use.

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