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BMW frame and engine numbers on Phil Hawksleys website. Plus loads of other BMW info. If the bike is known to the DVLA, then just apply for a duplicate registration document. Failing that, it is possible to recover the original registration number under the V scheme, details of which can be had from the VMCC Library. Briefly you would need some piece of paperwork to support an application to retain the original number for your machine. Something like the old Log Book or an old tax disc would be ideal. Another option is a certified copy of the original record from the original registering authority.

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What does it mean? If you ever wondered why people write ‘matching numbers’ on their adverts when they are selling a bike? Here is the reason why What is all this ‘matching numbers’ one sees in advertising for things like motorcycles for sale or to be auctioned?

Velocette. Villiers; Villiers NON motorcycle; Vincent. W. Welbike. Watsonian. If in doubt you can date the machine by using the Frame & Engine Numbers go to: Dating Information. The Numbering system. Triumph OE part numbers have changed over the years, Before Triumph used a letter prefix and from onwards a number prefix.

Mr Velocette to so many people worldwide For this post we’ll spend more time pictorially, won’t cover all the stuff I did, but perhaps a post-script post in the future to cover anything left The Velocette factory used large folio books to record the details of the motorcycles they built, with the invoiced date, model designation, engine, frame and prewar anyhow the gearbox number.

If the name of the original owner was known, then it was often listed with their address. So let’s have a peek at a folio book from The dealer supplied to with the town they were in is visible. The agreement between Veloce Ltd and Stanley Woods for the season Interesting is the retainers, money wise that Stanley Woods commanded as a rider Stanley was to ride for Velocette in Velocette’s original approach to Stanley Woods in June asking him to ride for them in Ivan spent much time in the last years repairing and restoring where possible all the racing Velocettes badly damaged in the fire at the National Motorcycle museum

1965 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible

This BSA was fully restored by its owner. This immaculate BSA Goldstar was restored by its owner. The engine was overhauled. A10 Golden Flash Colour:

Name: Velocette cc GTP Date Posted: February 20, Price: $7 plus tax and licencing as applicable. Description: Older restoration. Contact: .

The company was a great technical innovator and many of its patented designs are commonplace on motorcycles today, including the positive-stop foot shift and swinging arm suspension with hydraulic dampers. The single-cylinder machines had many advanced features, such as a throttle-controlled oil pump, long before the Japanese two strokes of the ‘s. The factory gradually developed this machine from the “A” series, then the “H” series, followed by the model U, culminating in the model GTP in , which was produced until The GTP was a reliable lightweight motorcycle with good steering and power delivery and filled the role of an everyday commuter during its production.

Velocette ‘K’ series In the early s, the company realised that it had to move away from two strokes, which were becoming thought of as cheap ride to work bikes. The reliability of the new engine led to a long string of racing successes, and the introduction in of an over the counter racing model, the KTT, which finally ended production in The KTT was the first production motorcycle to feature positive-stop, foot-actuated gear change, now universally used on motorcycles. A side valve engine was initially designed, but this was felt not to be sufficiently powerful.

It proved even more popular than the MOV. During the war Velocette produced a small number of motorcycles for military use,including the the MDD and MAF, both based on the MAC, but mainly carried out other engineering work for the war effort. Production of the MSS ended in Production was geared up to assemble thousands of the new bikes, but it was too slow, expensive and complex to catch on, and it’s ‘filing cabinet ‘ look put a lot of buyers off.

Other more mainstream models, such as the Valiant were developed from the LE engine, but not in great numbers. Although it became the company’s best selling model, it was nowhere near the numbers originally envisaged and the high tooling costs for this all-new machine were barely recouped, and it set back the finances of the firm greatly.

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Parts for older bikes are being listed all the time, so remember to pop over on a regular basis and see what’s been added to this website recently. Velocette Motorcycle forum – discuss classic bikes here. Velocette Motorcycles, by model:

The Velocette Venom was a single cylinder four stroke motorcycle of cc made by Velocette at Hall Green in Birmingham. A total of Velocette Venoms were produced between and In a production Velocette Venom set the hour world record at a speed of mph.

Connected to the rails of the “hardtail” rear end a look dating back to the earliest days of motorcycling—is engineering combining the style of Milwaukee’s famous Softail with technology from the first monoshock motocrossers of a decade ago. From Suzuki’s Intruders came the VLX’s detailed finish, with internal complexities hidden beneath a sleek, flowing shell of bodywork punctuated by hand-polished pieces.

Inside is the powerful lure of the Shadow itself. Riders still jazzed by the original Shadow archetype must look upward to the Shadow in ‘ For the VLX, there’s the throb of a cc engine with a single-pin crank, a feathery pound wet weight, a back tire about the size of New York—and a “triangulated” swing arm connected to a shock running below the seat, plus chain final drive. Bandy all you want about the way this new Shadow looks no one can deny how well it works.

Japan bump-started the revolution in It had been a decent interval, a single season after the introduction of Harley’s Low Rider, when Yamaha released its Specials. With stepped seats and ape-hanger handlebars, those first Oriental cruisers were little more than crude assimilations of Milwaukee style.

Velocette LE

Disconnecting the dynamo The easiest way to test a whether a Lucas dynamo is working correctly with it still fitted to the bike is to disconnect the output wires and check what voltage it is producing. The original Matchless service manuals suggest using an analogue meter i. However, I guess most people will probably have a digital multimeter these days and these are perfectly fine too.

Whichever type you have, just make sure you connect the tests leads correctly as described below. The first thing you need to do is to disconnect the two wires which come out of the back of the dynamo and which connect it to the regulator unit, as shown in the photos.

Date of registration is 22nd Feb , registration number EYX which is an original London registration. Frame & engine numbers both match the V5C and are original factory stampings. Frame RS, engine VR

However, in some instances, particularly with the first year of a new model, YY may be one year prior. The Suffix indicates a minor revision. Parts with a Suffix letter replace, and will physically fit on models back to the YY, but they are different than the non-suffix parts, sometimes in a very minor way, but sometimes in a major way. The first revision gets the letter “A”. Subsequent revisions get “B”, “C”, etc. The suffix can also be “R”, indicating a Racing part.

The reason – it is an factory internal use only part number. Why would there be such an animal? Harley outsourced aluminum castings and steel forgings.

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Velocette KSS Factory spring frame model. For Premier motors of Aston, Birmingham, for promotional purpose, well known in the north of England as the Premier velocette. Produced and assembled in the early fities, prior to Velocette road machine spring frame production, based on original matching numbers engine, frame gearbox. Keeping existing Petrol tank, frame engine and gearbox.

Coffee Mug, Triumph, Blue Logo and White Cup, Made in England.

About Rickman Motorcycles Adrian Moss and Rickman Motorcycles In , motorcycle enthusiast and award winning rider Adrian Moss thought there must be many more classic bikes out there than those he was currently repairing and rebuilding in his Stroud base. Through such projects, Adrian became a regular customer of the Rickman Motorcycles factory in New Milton and was able to build up a good relationship with Derek and Don Rickman, the famous duo, through their shared love of building motorcycles.

He told me they were stopping production and asked whether I would be interested in buying their complete stock of fibreglass moulds. Pre specialist Realising what a unique and exciting opportunity he was presented with Adrian decided to specialise in the pre bikes up to the mark III and spoke to Derek Lambert parts manager who after consultation with the Rickman Brothers, it was agreed he could buy all of the available spares, parts and even the master frame for the mkIII machine.

The Rickman brothers sold some of the remaining stock to another motorcycle enthusiast and builder – the late Pat French, who at the time had established and ran his company MRD Model Replica and Design, originally specialising in aircraft models This included many spares for the MK1V model of Rickman motorcycle. Upon hitting hard times with his business in the late 90s Mr French embarked on a “brief, unsuccessful business partnership, which failed to live up to his expectations.

Pat French registered the name “Metisse” which had become associated with a particular model that the Rickman brothers were producing. It reflected their opinions that there were good engines and good frames but that the two were rarely put together. The British Bike Bonanza Alongside running his business in Stroud, in Adrian organised the first specialist motorcycle scramble for pre machines, at Moorhouse, Brimsfield, Birdlip, Gloucester.

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